Wine package August

Dear wine friends,

in August we put together a dry wine package from the 2019 vintage for you. Our Rivaner makes the entry dry, followed by a fresh Pinot Blanc. The other 4 wines are all Rieslings. The start makes our liter wine Riesling dry. What is special about the other three Rieslings is the fact that they come from a slope on a river length of 3 km and a height difference of 250 meters.

The location, the ripening time, the age of the vines, the soil conditions and the orientation of the vineyard are the main influencing factors for these different wines.

No other grape variety in the world is as diverse as Riesling.

Get it now and try the different styles.

2019 Rivaner dry
2019 Pinot Blanc dry
2019 Riesling dry 1,0 L
2019 Grauschiefer Riesling dry
2019 Urgestein Riesling dry
2019 Erdener Riesling dry

Bottle Size
Drinking temperature
10-12 °C
Item No
Bottled by
58,70 € (EUR 13,04/l) incl. VAT

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