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Do you desire a regional wine with personality and identity?

Then help us unveil the “treasures from the earth” from different vintages and taste the uniqueness of the slate soils..

The best way to experience this is to visit our winery and enjoy a tasting in our wine cellar. We are also happy to send a tasting package directly to the comfort of your home.

We would be pleased to spoil you with treasures from the region.


The good winemaker can be recognized by his base wines. Pure fun!


When you take a path and end up somewhere you didn’t expect, you aren’t lost but you found your own way! As a Winemaker’s son I started shortly after graduation as a roofer. Today, I have developed those skills to accompany me in the wine industry as I start my very own project in the wine sector. The QUEREINSTEIGER, meaning ‘game changer’, not only stands for a new type of Mosel wine, but also a way of life/ work ethic which I can entirely identify in myself. With last year‘s first wine I was successful. Therefore the new vintage is with special emphasis on the Burgundy flavour, using large wooden barrels for maximum creamyness. My hint: Absolutely try it! Finally, with passion and enthusiasm, there is more then one right way! What do you think?

Kilian Schmitges

Riesling Bestsellers

The Riesling Bestsellers from our steep - slopes

These are our customers‘ favorite wines at home and abroad. No wonder. The continuous high quality of these wines is simply impressive. Only a few growers succeed to combine so skillfully elegant and delicate fruit with unmistakable minerality. The grapes have grown in vineyards with some of the oldest weathered slate-rock soils. Over 400 million years old rocky slate soils form and carve these elegant Riesling wines every year. The steep South and South-West sloped vineyards have an incline of up to 70%. Partially ungrafted vines grow on the gray and red clay slate soils. Selection of the best grapes is all done by hand. In a nutshell, these benchmark data are the base for our special wines. Treat yourself with some bottles and enjoy them within the next decade. You will be amazed again and again.


Grosses Gewächs

Treppchen: For the first time we pressed a “Großes Gewächs” from one of our top “Erdener Treppchen” vineyards planted with ungrafted Riesling vines. After one year of maturity on the bottle you can already sense how much potential it has.

Prälat: Very likely the most special of all single vineyards of the middle Mosel is the Erdener Prälat vineyard. Not only its unique location, but also the pure facts about this vineyard sound incredible: Only 14 estates share parts of 1.5 hectares of vines on fine red and gray slate. The individual vineyards are at 50 to 70% inclination. South facing slopes, planted with ungrafted, between 50 and 100 years old vines. Here in our most valuable vineyard, here we cultivate our most expressive wines. Every year we allow for the longest maturity time of the grapes. This enhances wines with dense charakter, fine elegance and minerality. Strictly limited, only 1500 bottles!

Medium Dry

Hand selected and carefully vinified: This is how perfect Riesling can taste. Last year these two wines were an absolute hit. Probably, it quickly spread through our wine friends how great these elegant and mineral wines pair with food, especially the modern, aromatic cuisine with Asian components.

Fruit Sweetness

The 2016 vintage wines from weathered deep slate soil, present themselves consistently as elegant, full-bodied, beautiful, juicy Rieslings. They contain delicate yellow fruit notes and minerality to match the finish. You cannot find such expressive and complex wines, with under 9% Alcohol and an aging potential of more than 10 years, in any other wine-growing region of the world.

The finest maturity is paired with ease. We hand select these grapes from ungrafted vines in our steepest slate vineyards. These old vines bring forth particularly small, aromatic grapes. For our late harvest wines, we allow the grapes to hang on the vines for maximum maturity of the grapes and hence maximum storage of minerals from the slate.


Absolutely a first in Germany. From on we make three! A premium wine in three variants. Our most interesting wine project is quickly explained: One of our top vineyard was harvested in one day, the grapes were pressed and the must then divided into three different wine barrels. Specifically: On harvest day 29st Oktober 2016 we selectively hand harvested from a 5.500 spare metre plot of our “Erdener Treppchen” vineyard (purely South facing 60% incline, ungrafted vines) Riesling grapes at 93° Oechsle. After a short maceration, gentle pressing at only 0.4 bar, and spontaneous fermentation, the must was equally divided into a stainless steel barrel, a granite barrel and a large wooden barrel. And now you can decide from which barrel you would prefer your premium wine in the future. Please let us know on our website until 31st December 2017 which wine you liked best. We will be raffling off 6 Gabriel glasses of the Gold Edition and 1 six pack Steel-Stone-Wood among participants.

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Now the time has come… Our first Pinot Noir is on the bottle. The grapes come from a slate-steep slope and were selectively harvested by hand, after a short mashing time followed by a juice withdrawal of 25% and a subsequent fermentation of 25 days on the mash. The result: Only 2500 bottles of this first work are available for winelovers. A very good quality sparkles here in the glass and offers a lot of pinot for the money. A beguiling Pinot Noir, who shows the clear handwriting of the winery and which tastes so delicious and exuberant as Burgundians should be from large village locations, but are only very rare! A great vine character, a precise Pinot Noir fruit and because of its fine, creamy tannins as well as its fine reverberation is already in its youth an exceedingly tasty and delicious wine.

Sparkling Wine


Grand Riesling Pomace

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