2020 Quereinsteiger Pinot Blanc & Pinot Gris dry*

When you take a path and end up somewhere you didn’t expect, you aren’t lost but you found your own way! As a Winemaker’s son I started shortly after graduation as a roofer. Today, I have developed those skills to accompany me in the wine industry as I start my very own project in the wine sector: The Quereinsteiger, meaning ‘game changer’ is a Pinot blanc and Pinot gris blend. Growing up with the viticulture and further educated by the study I developed my passion for wine.

Finally, with passion and enthusiasm, there is more than one right way!

Kilian Schmitges

Sweetness Level
Pinot Blanc & Pinot Gris dry*
Soil type
Sandy loam
Quality level
Quality wine
Bottle Size
Perfectly ripe grapes at harvest, 6 hours on the mash; temperature controlled fermentation at 16-18° C; rest on the lees for 3 months.
Analysis data

12,5 vol. % alcohol

Drinking temperature
10 - 12 ° C
Item No
Bottled by
9,50 € (EUR 12,67/l) incl. VAT
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