2019 Treppchen Riesling Auslese

The Auslese vinified from this location with weathered slate is reminiscent of lemon, lime, grapefruit and a hint of sweetness that lies above all the other flavors. The ripe fruit of the vintage is evident on the palate. But even if the wine initially appears sweet, it quickly becomes clearer and finer. Structures itself with air and leaves room for the fine acidity, as well as the lively mineral note that this selection possesses.

Recommended food

Cheese, dessert, aperitif

Soil type
Gray Slate
Single Site Wine
Bottle Size
Analysis data

8.0 % vol

Drinking temperature
10-12 °C
Item No
Bottled by
64,90 € (EUR 43,27/l) incl. VAT

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