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Do you desire a regional wine with personality and identity?

Then help us unveil the “treasures from the earth” from different vintages and taste the uniqueness of the slate soils..

The best way to experience this is to visit our winery and enjoy a tasting in our wine cellar. We are also happy to send a tasting package directly to the comfort of your home.

We would be pleased to spoil you with treasures from the region.


Wines full of life, with fresh, fruity aromas to indulge on. Pure zest of life. For your light cuisine, in your summer garden or simply with friends. The perfect wine for every day!


When you take a path and end up somewhere you didn’t expect, you aren’t lost but you found your own way! As a Winemaker’s son I started shortly after graduation as a roofer. Today, I have developed those skills to accompany me in the wine industry as I start my very own project in the wine sector. The QUEREINSTEIGER, meaning ‘game changer’, not only stands for a new type of Mosel wine, but also a way of life/work ethic which I can entirely identify in myself. With last year‘s first wine I was successful.

Finally, with passion and enthusiasm, there is more than one right way! What do you think?

Kilian Schmitges



Viticulture on the Mosel steep slopes! Flat is easy… We love it steep! Ambassador of best culture soil, elegant and complex, clear fruit and high finesse, typical for the region, strong in character and mineral.


The Großen Gewächse („Grand Crue“) are fillets of the German viticulture. Our best grapes from two spectacular parcels of our vineyards. Both wines grew on grapevines as old as 70 years. They were selectively hand picked and carefully pressed after an appropriate mash time. For fermentation and maturation on the lees the wine was alternated between wooden and natural stone cask. Now they are the top product of one of the world‘s most famous viticulture areas. Salty, minerally loaded one of a kind wines with high extract, density and elegance. Maturation capacity on the bottle up to 20 years.


Selected grapes, gentle vinification. That‘s how Riesling must taste. These elegant, mineral wines are ideal for modern, aromatic cuisine. Especially Asian dishes like these wines as companions. Perfect balance between sweetness and acidity!


On our fine, weathered, light to deep slate soils we grow very elegant, wonderfully full bodied and sappy Riesling wines with fine yellow fruit flavored finish. You will not find such wines strong in character under 9% alcohol in any other world wine region, who also have an aging potential of over 10 years.


The grapes were selectively hand picked followed by 25% pressing and open mash fermentation for 25 days. The result is a superb varietal character. And because of its fine creamy tannin and its smooth aromatic finish the wine, already now, is extremely quaffable and pleasant to taste.

2018 Edition Red

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Crémant Brut – Methode Traditionelle for people who can afford not to drink Champagne… Painstaking viticulture. hand picking in small badges, consistently only first pressings, gentle processing in the cellar and long maturation on the lees, these make the basic foundation of our Crémants


Exclusive spirits, double distilled and aged for 24 months in French Limousine oak barrique. The result: Absolutely exceptional quality spirit that inspires not only Grappa lovers.

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