The Wines

Do you desire a regional wine with personality and identity?

Then help us unveil the “treasures from the earth” from different vintages and taste the uniqueness of the slate soils..


The estate wines are our business card. From own grapes as well as grapes from friends of wineries, originate fruity, elegant wines with a slight origin. These are ideal as a meal companion or simply to enjoy with friends. Wine for every day!


When you take a path and end up somewhere you didn’t expect, you aren’t lost but you found your own way!

As a Winemaker’s son I started shortly after graduation as a roofer. Today, I have developed those skills to accompany me in the wine industry as I start my very own project in the wine sector: The Quereinsteiger, meaning ‘game changer’ is a Pinot blanc & Pinot gris dry.

Growing up with the viticulture and further educated by the study I developed my passion for wine. Finally, with passion and enthusiasm, there is more than one right way!

Kilian Schmitges


The village wines are ambassadors of best soil. The grapes come from traditional vineyards around Erden. On the typical gray and red slate soils grow mineral, fine-fruity wines.


Wines from our absolute top vineyards, the Erdener Treppchen and the Erdener Prälat. Up to 70% slope and 100 year old vines form the basis for wines rich in finesse, with a lot of elegance and minerally shaped by the slate. Incredible maturity potential!


Perfectly ripened grapes, harvested to the point, form the basis for our liter wines. Much fruit and elegance are carried by moderate alcohol. The Riesling grape variety, typical of the region, is available in the dry as well as in the semi-dry range. This is how an uncomplicated everyday Riesling should taste.


Crémant Brut – Methode Traditionelle for people who can afford not to drink Champagne… Painstaking viticulture. hand picking in small badges, consistently only first pressings, gentle processing in the cellar and long maturation on the lees, these make the basic foundation of our Crémants.


Grand Riesling Trester, double distilled and aged for 24 months in a Bourbon-Barrel. The result: Absolutely exceptional quality spirit that inspires not only Grappa lovers. Our Williams Christ Pear Liqueur convinces with its fruity aromas and a subtle sweetness.


With our exclusive magnum bottles, from various vintages, as a gift or attention, you will be remembered by the recipient for a long time. The magnum bottles are an absolute eye-catcher not only at Christmas, but also at celebrations or events.

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