Welcome to the Riesling-Canyon!

Flat is easy...
We love it steep

Steep slope means: pure nature, spectacular scenery, always a bit of adventure, perfect sunlight and especially because:
Riesling, is in a league of its own!

We have decided with full conviction and with all passion for the wine growing in this unique cultural landscape, because the very special combination of different slate soils and different slopes is exactly what makes the Mosel wines so unique.

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Our winery can look back on a long history – first mentioned in 1744. Even without a Chateau or noble blood, we can be recognized by our quality, inventiveness, innovations, unique soil, honest work, fast service and fair prices. Because of this we have won over the hearts of a colorful crowd of wine lovers from around the world in recent years.

While Andreas Schmitges and son Kilian lead the scepter in the vineyard and cellar. Waltraud Schmitges is the first contact for customers and visitors for wine sales, wine tastings, the wine bar, and guest house: We take care of the wishes and interests of our world wide wine customers with dedication and commitment.

The Winemakers

The Winemakers

The Winemakers

Quality Fanatics
from the Riesling-Canyon

As sixth generation Riesling winemakers, Andreas and Kilian Schmitges, are creative thinkers and game changers who are dedicated to principles of - using ungrafted vines to get a low yield but high quality grapes, careful vinification, gentle grape processing, cool, slow, and partly spontaneous fermentation to ensure high quality wines. This results in individual Rieslings that reflect the uniqueness of the vintage and the location. We love challenges such as the “Erdener Prälat” and the “Erdener Treppchen” – Two of the best steep slope vineyards on the Mosel.

Working on the steep slopes means that the Schmitges know how to sing the song of: Endless efforts of 100% hand work (and not just during harvest), enormous physical exertion and unstoppable passion for their profession.

The Vineyards

have you already asked yourself
the question …

... from which substance did these great Mosel wines originate? And why are people for over 1,000 years making the effort in the “longest Riesling canyon in the world” to plant Riesling vines in such extreme conditions directly into the bare rock?

... Why is the selection of grapes and harvesting by hand so important to the individual character of the wine? Do you know the impact that the gray and red slate soils have on the way the wines taste? Why does Riesling taste different when the grapes are grown on the bottom of the valley compared to the top of the ridge?

The steep slopes of the Mosel are so unique that you can taste the difference of each single vineyard. The vineyards could be only 100 meters apart, have a slope difference more or less of 10%, be located 100 meters higher or lower, the soil could be red slate instead of gray slate and everything about the wine is different. Nowhere in the world can you find the uniqueness of the layers, found in Riesling, so prominent than on the Mosel. Where in other wine regions only cuvées can be successful, the wines here have enough expressiveness and value to be individually put in the bottle.

The Guest House

The Guest House

The Guest House

The Guest House

A room with a view...

... On the terrior and an insight on winemaking. There is no better way to learn how the wine is produced, than directly at the the source, at the winery. We offer comfortable guest rooms where you can look directly over our shoulders at our work. Follow us in the spectacular steep slopes, and have fun rock climbing your way from the “Erdener Treppchen” over the “Erdener Prälat” that leads you to “Ürziger Würzgarten“ . After this journey the wine will not taste the same as it did before ...

Our guest rooms are equipped with shower/toilet, hair dryer, cosmetic mirror, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi and mini-bar. The rooms start at 35 Euro per person including breakfast. The best way to send us your room request is by mail.

Also, your car is safe in its own parking space in our parking lot. The only restriction is: Pets, unfortunately, are not allowed.

The Wine bar

The Wine bar

The Wine bar

The Wine bar

Experience life in
wine culture ...

... Where you can see and taste the slate and where the tasting works up your appetite for more. Here you can enjoy just like you are at home. We are happy to organize an individual wine tasting for you.

You want to come with 12 People? No problem. You want to come with 24 people? Also, not a problem. Our wine bar offers 30 comfortable seats and an attractive environment for 50 standing people.

If you are on a short visit to the Mosel and want to spend an enjoyable weekend or a real wine holiday, we are open for you from April to October, always Fridays and Saturdays 3-7pm and Sundays 10-1pm.

Outside of these hours, please contact us to schedule an available appointment.
For this, call us at 06532-2743 or our mobile at 0172-6177956.

You want to taste wines comfortably at home? We can deliver our wines directly to your door.

Our Dealers


Our wines are available in the food and wine trade. A list of distributors can be found here in order of the postal code:
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